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1.Review your ATO past  Taxpayers tax returns
The ATO allows for corrections or amendments to income tax returns were a  Taxpayers officer has made a mistake or the tax agent in preparing the income tax return has not claimed all the allowable deductions.
If a  Taxpayers officer has made a genuine mistake on his or her's income tax return that has already been lodged, then our office can request an amendment to this existing tax return. 
In addition, you may have inadvertently answered a question in the wrong context regarding your private health insurance matters, your spouse and family arrangements and you may have forgotten to claim a legitimate offset which is in effect a refund of tax in your favour. You may also have not been aware of all the other legitimate  Taxpayers tax deductions that you are entitled to. We are able to amend items in your taxation return that has been lodged can help make a decision about your tax affairs and can launch an amendment accordingly. We would be hopeful that this amendment will reduce the tax that you owe which means that each individual  Taxpayers officer will receive a larger tax refund.
2.Time Limits
The Australian Tax office has time limits for  Taxpayers   to amend their income tax returns. The ATO law sets time limits from ending such tax assessments. For individual  Taxpayers   the time limit is generally two years, from the day after the ATO give you notice of your assessment for the year in question (generally taken to be the date on the notice of assessment or, the date the relevant return was lodged. For example, an individual  Taxpayers tax client received a notice of assessment dated 12 November 2015, the two-year amendment period starts on 13 November 2015 (the day after the date on a  Taxpayers officer’s notice of assessment) and in two years later, on 12 November 2017, so a  Taxpayers officer has until that day to lodge a request for an amendment to that assessment. to request an income tax amendment 
Our TaxOnline Service is the largest  in Australia  providing services many  Taxpayers  . You are able to use our amendment service to request the ATO to review and amend your tax return and available tax refund.
4.Types of Amendments
We generally find that many accountants are not familiar with the types of the deductions available to Australian  Taxpayers   or understand the type of work this form of  Taxpayers gets involved in work wise.
Typically, the types of amendments that we make to do with the following:
A  Taxpayers
·        using their car for  Taxpayers training and court attendance
·other travel related expenses incurred
·self-education by Taxpayers   trying to improve their knowledge and gain a better promotion
·Taxpayers   who use their home study office capability for performing duties and education at home
·The use of mobile and other forms of communication equipment
·The use of computers and other technology devices used for work
·Professional equipment commonly used by  Taxpayers   in the role of their duty
·A multitude of other expenses which are generally not known to  Taxpayers   that they can claim
Don't be left behind with all the typical tax deductions Taxpayers   are legitimately able to claim. A qualified accountant will be able to identify many more claims than you have used in the past to boost your tax refund legitimately using our extensive 600 point  Taxpayers tax return deductions checklist long does it take
The process takes about two days and once we have prepared the new amended tax returns we will email them to you for your approval and signature. When we have the signed documents back it will take about 10 working days for you to receive the additional refund back into your designated bank account. You will need to pay a fee of hundred $195 for each tax return which is amended before it can be lodged with the ATO
6.what can I expect
Our extensive Taxpayers tax checklists normally  mean that each  Taxpayers tax  Taxpayers will achieve a boost in their refund. If you refund levels have been below $500 for the last two years, it is not uncommon for an additional $1000 of refund to be found subject to verification of entitlement to expenses. steps
Click on the link below and we will send a link to a short questionnaire to start the process to review you last 2 years’ tax returns.
 You will need to upload your most recent past two years’ tax returns which have been lodged with the Australian Tax office. We will review your last two years claims and given that we provide services to over many Australian  Taxpayers   we will be able to amend your tax return using the deductions available through our extensive 600-point checklist.
Click on link below:
This will start the process to amend your Taxpayers tax return perhaps for the last two years that you have lodged that being the 2015 and the 2015 tax return. In some instances, we are able to go back to previous years but this will need to be determined by our office.
As a  Taxpayers , you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction for certain work-related expenses, including:
·  Vehicle and travel expenses - including travel between work and home/ for court appearances/ Taxpayers training & other catergories of private car usage
·  Clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses of  Taxpayers uniforms
·  Gifts and donations
·  Home /study office expenses
·  Interest, dividend and other investment income deductions
·  Self-education expenses/ Taxpayers  education
·  Tools, tactical equipment and other equipment
·  Other specific  Taxpayers related deductions
you may also be entitled to several rebates available to Taxpayers  .
Where  Taxpayers tax had considerable experience doing tax returns for over 2000  Taxpayers   Australia wide and have been doing this work in excess of 30 years. As a result of this we are reasonably confident that we'll be able to increase the tax refund you have achieved in the past.
8.Our Guarantee
Our guarantee is that if we can't find enough  Taxpayers tax deductions and other errors to increase your refund in excess of $750 then we will not charge you a fee for doing any review of your current  Taxpayers tax returns. 
This guarantee applies to  Taxpayers  that had lodged tax returns over the last two years and where their refund has been under $500 per year. This level of refund would indicate to us that not all the available tax returns due to  Taxpayers   have being claimed and that the tax return should result in a larger refund.
9.Any Questions please contact us:
If you have any questions, please email us to or call us on our toll-free number from anywhere in Australia 1800-654- 591.
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