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As well as some perks as a member you will be kept up to date Keep up to date with workshops, webinars, and newsletters designed to raise your awareness of important tax issues. Our Deals and offerings which will unfold over the financial year will be for members only.

  • Rewards referral program
  • Bulk Trainee Group Bookings
  • Special occasion offers
  • Skype sept Discounts
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Deals and Offers

Referral rewards

A referral program is a deliberate, systematic way of getting people to make referrals to your business. Our Referral programs are designed to reward existing Teacher Tax customers for sharing word-of-mouth and incentivise new Teacher customers to try out your Tax brand. The referral program is fairly straightforward: sign up for another Teacher you know. Refer your friends to sign up for our tax services using your members code, and the two of you will each enjoy a referral reward in credits.?????????

  • Send a gift card, or get your Teacher associate a discounted tax service.
  • We appreciate it when we get one of your referrals.
  • We want satisfied Teachers to be happy advocates for our tax business.
  • Are you a Teacher tax fan? Spread your love and start earning revenue through our referral program.
  • Ring Anne Salmon at our office for details
referral rewards

Deals and Offers

Trainee Teacher Group Discounts

We are Offering a discount for Teachers buying in multiple tax groups. Discounts start from 10-30% Off or Cash back

  • We track you referred Teacher referrals using a unique bar code.
  • You get a credit or cash to your bank account
  • Ask Anne salmon at our office for details. We Thank You for your Teacher referral.
Trainee Teachers discount

Deals and Offers


We grow our business with word of mouth, and reward Teachers who refer our tax services. We are encouraging and rewarding customers, to recommend our tax services for both online and skype tax services.

  • When you refer a Family/friend to Teacher Tax, you get $dollars deposited in your account when your referral starts using our tax service.
  • Or alternatively when you refer a friend to Teachers Tax, for an Online or Skype tax service, you get a $dollars credit toward your next tax return
  • Call our office now for more details
Friend and family

Deals and Offers

Discount Skype tax

September is discount Skype tax months applicable this year for 30 days only during this month apply on line for more details.

  • Pre book skype tax now for September
  • 25% discount of normal price.
  • Talk to our friendly staff if you need more information.
  • download our extensive tax checklists >
  • Checked by qualified tax consultant before its lodged.